NextChem launches the MyReplastTM brand for upcycling technology and premium-quality products

13 July 2021

Together with its subsidiary MyReplast Industries, NextChem has launched the MyReplastTM brand, showcasing its proprietary Upcycling technology and product portfolio, which includes granulates and flakes made from recycled polymers. MyReplastTM Upcycling is NextChem’s innovative technology that combines mechanical recycling with chemical processing. This technology is in use in a plant run by MyReplast Industries, a NextChem subsidiary, in Bedizzole (Brescia). It has a capacity of 40,000 tons per year and a recycling efficiency of around 95%. It allows for flexible production of premium quality bespoke products, made according to customer specifications, using post-consumer hard plastic. Available as granulates and flakes, these new recycled products have similar chemical and physical properties to virgin polymers derived from fossil sources.